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  • Unique Photo Gifts for the Spring and Summer!

    mother´s day personalized gift

    Don’t think that because Christmas is just a memory that there aren’t plenty of holidays coming up that cry out for unique photo gifts as the perfect present. Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and anniversaries are on their way and one-of a-kind art presentations make the perfect offering to loved ones. Take Mother’s Day for example; what family matriarch wouldn’t enjoy a …

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  • Unique Photo Gifts — Plan Ahead for Mother’s Day

    mothers day personalized gifts

    I saw this, Mom, and thought of you. Happy Mother’s Day!” “Oh, hey, a bag of nuts and some orange soda. How…unique.” Mother’s Day may still be a ways away, but don’t put this off until the last second. Your mom’s love may be unconditional, but her love of the gifts you pick up at the gas …

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  • Unique Photo Gifts That Awe And Pop!


    Do you often hear someone you know say, “I need to write that down” or “Don’t forget to…”? Are they scrambling at their desk or in kitchen looking for something to write on? Frustrated with sticky notes falling off, lost calendars, and unrealible electronics. Help them stop that madness with something that pops! The solution is …

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  • Beyoncé Loves Pop Art

    beyonce allpopart pop art

    Apparently Pop Art is en-vogue! — Singer Beyoncé has collaborated with Pepsi’s design department to create their latest ad campaign: an amazing Andy Warhol-inspired four panel pop art portrait of herself. Oh yes, with neon colors and the Warholesque crazy iconic touch. Beyoncé shared a sneak-peek of the pop art design yesterday night on her own Facebook …

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  • Personalized Gifts for Valentines — Make Your Love Iconic with a Pop/Underground Twist

    pop art photos

    The world of fine art owes much to mass media, and mass media owes much to fine art. It is debatable whether or not we should make a distinction between the two, and if there is a distinction where we should draw the line. However, the landscape of art would not be the same without the influence …

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  • Valentine’s Gifts With Photos Reminiscent Of Retro Lomography

    bu4-1 (1)

    As with any brand new offering, we wanted to learn all we could about the origins of the art of Lomography. It turns out that it is a fascinating subject with amazing insights into the history of modern photography, which also turns out to be the history of Lomography. The story begins in Saint Petersburg, Russia in …

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  • Will pop art be relevant in 2013?

    bardot painting pop art

    Our answer is a resounding yes! With its bold colors and crisp lines, pop art is a classic art genre that continues to look and feel fresh. The pop art movement has been widely heralded as one of, if not the most, important artistic movement of our times. The movement sought to reflect upon our quickly evolving culture …

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  • Something for Everyone at Art Basel Miami

    Art Basel Expo

    Since its inception in 2002, Art Basel Miami has featured over 2000 artists each year during its annual exposition. Showcasing contemporary artwork, the event encompasses the entire city of Miami, Florida. Art from the 20th and 21st centuries from Europe, Latin America, North America, Asia and Africa will be on display throughout the four day …

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  • Decorate with Pop Art from Photos

    Pop Art decor

    Home decorating ideas have undergone some major changes over the last few decades. Years ago, the consensus advised decorating a home for an aloof, formal feel, but today’s homeowners want to show off their personalities, aspirations, and values. They want their homes to reflect who they are. To begin a makeover or even to start a …

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  • Little Known Things About Pop Art


    The widespread of pop art as we know it first began mid 1950s. It was a new form of self expressional art that took a different route than traditional art. The style began to take notice in the states in the 60s and was a major art trend. Although many people think they know the basics of …

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