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5 Free Tools to find Color Palettes for Decoration

Here are some handy color selection online resources we use when selecting colors for our artwork:



Photocopa displaying a photo from AllPopArt​.com and its matching color palette

Photocopa allows you to create color palettes based on a current photograph. You can select the photo either from a flickr link or a url link (you can not directly upload the photo from your hard drive). These are the colors we chose for one of our homepage images.

This tool comes in handy if you want to match your décor to a photo wall gallery.


Color Scheme Designer palette maker

Pumpkin orange complementary colors

With Color Scheme Designer you can start with a base color and create monochromatic, analogic, complementary (like in our example above) and other color palettes. You can even share your unique scheme id with someone else, say your designer or friends, and discuss your choices.


Adobe’s awesome Kuler color palette maker

Kuler’s beautiful interface allows you to create endless color possibilities. We really like to see other user’s color combinations, as well as the quirky names some of them have (“His wife’s husband” ?)


Create seamless patters with your own color palettes

Seamless Studio makes it easy to design a seamless pattern and add different colors to it. You can also select from their wide gallery of existing patterns.


AllPopart color options

Some of the endless color options we offer at AllPopArt

Our own color selections. Less interactive, but not less fun!

Do you have any favorite color selection tools? What do you use for inspiration in your color project? Leave us a comment to enter our Monthly Giveaway. We’ll announce the winner of a 16“x20” Personalized ArtistTouch™ portrait on August 31.

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  • Jessicab56

    These are all great! I can spend hours making color schemes :)

  • Myra

    I love All Popart and all of their great ideas. I purchased a canvas and a poster several years ago and am still in love with the phenomenal work you guys do!!!!

  • Valerie Troha

    I Love All PopArt and several guests at my home have asked where my two portraits are from. I cannot wait to order one for my third child!

  • Tabitha

    The color scheme designer is Awesome! I am in the process of trying to decide what colors to paint some rooms I want to redo but want to make sure they all blend and this really helps!

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