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We love Comments!! ♥  And lately you are getting talkative, huh? –So we have decided to award our outgoing and participating AllPopArt blog readers with our new style: Artist Touch™.

What!? - Yes, you heard well: We’ve decided to give a FREE hand illustrated enriched photo portrait, printed on MuseumGrade™ Canvas, to those who join the conversation here at AllPopArt.

From your photo: a unique piece of art.

Artist Touch™ — Add depth color and interest to your photos, from the look of early photography to saturated fantastic brush strokes.

Whoa, whoa, whoa: “How did you do that?”

With Artist Touch™, not only we enhance and beautify your photo: we also offer several ProRestoration™ options to fix scratches, fading and other issues. We can colorize black and white photos or retouch them to remove people or certain items.

Artist Touch™

Let us turn your photos into unique fine art pieces and help you display your creations with pride, it will be our little secret!

We will show you 2 – 3 proofs worthy of any photographic exhibition to choose from before you’ll receive your final piece.

So, our amazing new style Artist Touch™ will be awarded to those who show that they are the star of the debate!!

So get ready to talk it out and start commenting!! (Rules can be found below)

Rules & Limitations – The Fine Print

1. Contest Timeline: Leave a comment on any post at On the Canvas - AllPopArt​.com Blog between now and midnight October 31, 2010 and you’ll be entered to win this CRAZY FOR COMMENTS contest.

2. Comment Limit: Multiple comments on the same post must be separated by other people’s feedback in order to count as multiple entries. Topics must vary –please read following points-.

3. No Spam Ma’am: Original and creative comments on any topic that you think is related to the site or the latest posts. Even some suggestions, cool finds, BE ORIGINALI’ll use my judgment to determine what I think is legitimate and what I think is spam.

4. ALL AllPopArt​.com Contest: You may comment on any article on the site and your comments will count as entries in this contest. Shares on Facebook or Twitter, or even RE blogging are also allowed, be sure to TAG @AllPopArt, so we can count it as an entry!

5. Drumroll… And The Winners are…: The user with the most comments/shares will be the winner. The contest will end midnight October 31, 2010 and a winner will be announced November 1st, 2010.

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