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Keep Your Clients With a Gift from AllPopArt

For the love of Pete this holiday season, don’t send your clients a fruit basket. In these economic times, you just can’t toss some browning bananas and mixed nuts (no, not even if they’re “extra fancy”) into a wicker basket with a bow and call it a gift—not when your competition has an exclusive agreement with the local cupcake shop.

If you’re really looking to impress people whose business you value, don’t send them still more food they can feel guilty about snacking on pre– and post– their third Thanksgiving leftovers lunch of the week. Be thoughtful. Be magnanimous. Give them something that lasts.

With a gift certificate from AllPopArt, your clients get to brighten up their environment however they like and finally put a permanent end to the reign of that weird sailboat-as-still-life thing in the front lobby. In its place, maybe they’ll put a canvas of the staff, smiling out at patients in the waiting room and putting them ease. Maybe they’ll use that funny group photo from last summer’s company picnic — the one where Steve from accounting is not-so-discretely picking his nose— in the break room. Your clients could even use it to display a family photo in their own personal offices and make four white walls and some buzzing fluorescent lights feel a bit more like home.

And a gift that does that? Frankly kicks fruit’s ass.

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  • Anonymous

    hmmm.. I wonder if a photo of the boss after a rough Sat. night out taken from her Facebook page would win me any brownie points lol… I agree though, great gift idea for family or friends, or when you just want to make a special impression.

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