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Gift Giving Game Plan, Part 2: Dads

After years of being burned by eleventh hour brain block when holiday shopping, my sister has come up with a nearly guaranteed strategy for gift-giving: The List.

I know, that doesn’t sound monumentally original in the least, but stay with me here. The List is not a mere list of gift ideas. It’s a free association based on the gift recipient designed to lead to the giver to the perfect present. It goes a little something like this: Amazing Gifts

Warhol style 4 panels

Likes: Dogs, running, chocolate, fruit covered in chocolate, businessman stuff, The Blues Brothers, Adam Lambert, Italian food, power point presentations (*But WITHOUT the obnoxious sound effects and with minimal color), theater, being the guy who brings the veggie plate to the staff party, golf, Bill Murray.

Once the list is complete, perfect gifts come to you with Zen Buddhist clarity. If your dad’s list looks anything like mine, here are some sure-fire options:

1. Stocking filled with chocolate flavored GU energy gels and the picture of him at the finish line after a marathon, AllPopArt–ized in the cubism style like this one: Amazing Gifts britto personalized art


2. A portrait of your dogs in one of AllPopArt’s many styles, varying from psychedelic Pet-Glo to Warhol, to Geometric.

3. An Artist Touch style picture of Pebble Beach to spruce up his home office.

Be creative, be thoughtful, be a gift-giving rock star.

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