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Top 10 Ideas to Decorate Your Studio or Office

It’s time to renovate your office or studio and you need some ideas to make it express you and your company. Well, here we have a list of the top 10 ideas to do just that. Ideas ranging from plant décor to unique corporate artwork will really help you layout what you want to bring to your new office look. These are all the ideas that helped us renovate our studio here at AllPopArt​.com and we really think it will inspire you!

1. Creative Artwork:

Do some research on your favorite artists and styles; there are a lot of websites that offer prints or even downloadable versions of artwork, sometimes even free. Frame the images in an inexpensive Ikea frame or a self-made frame. Then you can play around with the location until you feel it fits just right!

2. Re-fresh Your Walls:

Re-painting your office walls is a low-cost effective way to revamp space, and now it’s possible to do with fewer toxins making it healthier for you and the environment. When it came down to renovating our office, we wanted to be to be as environmentally conscious as possible. We are always looking for new ways to go green. Therefore, we chose VOC free and low emission paints. Most conventional paints emit these VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) that can contribute to smog and indoor air pollution. This can even cause some known carcinogens and respiratory problems.

It is fun to look into the color codes you can use, so get creative. Once you have decided on your color scheme, look into making the air less polluted and choose VOC free and low emission paints.

3. Bringing in the outdoors:

One way to decorate the empty space on tables and the vacant corners of an office is with plants. You can use real or artificial plants. Artificial plants require no maintenance so they are ideal; easy to move around and instant décor. However, there are plenty of plants or even small potted trees that require very little maintenance, such as just a little water every week or so.

Having real plants can be healthy for you and others working in your office. They act as an air filter and absorb things we don’t want to, like carbon monoxide. Some great plants that look and perform well are Spider Plant, Jade Plant, and Peace Lily.

4. Working with what you’ve got:

Lay out a floor plan that will optimize your office space, and then set up the custom made areas using what you have. If you already have office furniture, don’t throw it out just yet. See if you can make it work. Or, pick up some durable, inexpensive desks and cut them to make them work for you. For example, we were able to cut Ikea desks to fit our customer service layout. The Galant Ikea desk was perfect to use to fit our custom settings.

5. Toy Collection:

Collectible items are a great way to personalize your office space. Whether it’s a particular brand, or a certain item you enjoy, use the collection you already have or start one and use the items to fill up shelf area and mantles. In our office we have rubber duckies and bobble heads to make the office reflect what we enjoy.

6. Custom Corporate Artwork:

Another way to personalize the office for everyone is corporate staff portraits of your team members. Whether it’s a custom portrait, or a photo to canvas, having some really unique corporate artwork in your office can really spruce things up. Plus, with a personalized corporate portrait, each employee feels like they belong.

7. Kitchen/Break room:

Having an area inside the office for employees to get away without having to get away is convenient for everyone. Even better, an area that can act as a kitchen, equipped with sink, refrigerator and table with chairs. This makes it easier for you and your team to take a break without wasting time driving or walking, and you can all relax easier.

It’s also important to use washable/reusable plates and utensils. This way, you aren’t wasting paper and plastic materials. Bring in a sponge and dish soap and encourage everyone to do their part.

8. Books:

Have an open wall or empty book shelf? Fill it up with work related readings. Anything from how to run a business, to information about the actual product or service your company is offering. We have a wall of shelves dedicated to learning materials, art inspiration, and cultural finds! It’s important to us to have resources if we need them, and continuous encouragement to learn more.

9. Bulletin Board Motivation:

Next to our desks, on the walls, and in our break room, we have constant reminders of motivation. When we get a letter of thanks from a customer, we like to print it and post it so we can always remember that feeling of accomplishment when our customers are satisfied.

Alongside these customer reviews, we like to add something that will bring a little needed comic relief throughout our days. One way to capture this in ourselves and co-workers is by posting fun, inspiration images and quotes. They are perfect for that moment when things feel a little tense; just take a glance at the adorable image that states “JUST BE YOURSELF” or the entertaining one that says “HATERS JUST NEED A HUG.” There’s no way that won’t help make your day a little brighter.

10. Office Event Photos

If you have an office meeting, or an office holiday, be sure to capture the fun with pictures. Then, take the photos, or make collages and post them around for everyone to be reminded of the fun times they have with each other. Let everyone see that their personalities combine while working on a project and during social time to keep a calm and cool attitude among them all. Plus, it’s a great way to reminisce about the funny Halloween outfits everyone wore last year (This way you know who you need to top to win the costume contest this year!)

Check out more pictures of our newly renovated studio in the photo gallery and get to know our team. Take any ideas and create the perfect office or studio for yourself. Good luck!

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    Pop Art is definitely a great choice in decorating an office space – it can lend a very modern atmosphere to a space without coming off as too snobbish or cultured. 

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