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5 Creative Halloween Pumpkin Crafts

5 Craft Ideas for Pumpkin Art

In Halloween, the most popular decoration is the pumpkin of course. They come in many different shapes and sizes leaving endless room for creativity. So what better way to get into the fall holiday season than getting crafty with pumpkins?

The history of the Halloween pumpkin dates back to an Irish myth about “Stinky Jack”, later known as “Jack O’Lantern.” Jack was punished by God and the Devil to walk the earth with only a burning coal, which he put in a turnip, to light his way.

This year, why not start your own tradition by participating in some fun and creative pumpkin crafts. Get creative with the top 5 ideas we have listed below. Plus, check out what inspired us when we made our pumpkins. Be sure to document your experience with photos, and then savor the memory forever with a photo collage on canvas.

1. Creating pumpkins with family and young kids

Pumpkin carving is one of the most common pumpkin crafts people participate in on Halloween. However, if you have little ones at home, this may not be the safest idea.

Don’t worry though, because there are alternative fun crafts you can do instead. One of the easiest activities for kids is painting. No design to follow, no sharp objects, and endless creativity, plus they become homemade Halloween decorations!

I like to have pumpkins all over the place. Instead of grabbing a huge pumpkin for only one spot in my house, I like to get the smaller ones and paint those. This could be great for younger kids because they aren’t as heavy, so children can easily work with them.

2. Pumpkin Candles

Another great idea for those small pumpkins is creating candles from them. It’s a simple, but unique decoration idea. Just carve out the top then pick out your favorite candle scents. Place it on the dinner table or mantle to light up an area with neat décor.

Here you can see our custom photo collage of our pumpkin candles.

3. Pumpkin Bird Feeder

You can use the large, full size pumpkins to make outdoor decorations. Turn the pumpkin into common yard objects like a bird feeder. Just carve the top off, dig out the insides (be sure to save them for idea number 4) then hang and fill them with bird feeder. This way, your yard can reflect your Halloween pumpkin spirit.

4. Pumpkin snacks

What’s greater than being able to play with your food? Well with pumpkins you can do just that. First you paint them or carve them, then you use the rest of it for delicious recipes!

My favorite snack is seeds and nuts. I enjoy having something small to munch on when I’m reading, watching TV, even at work. Which makes sense why my favorite Halloween snack is baked pumpkin seeds. And you don’t even know how to cook to make them! Plus, they are healthy and delicious.

Wash and rinse the seeds once you have scooped them from the pumpkin. Mix them with your favorite seasonings. Cut the oven on to 350 – 400 degrees. Grab a pan, put some olive oil on it, toss on the seeds and bake. Easy and delicious!

5. Pumpkin Carvings– Getting artsy

Pumpkin carving can’t be left off the list, but how about add a little twist!

Some inspiration for me when it comes to creating my own design and coming up with new ideas comes from famous pumpkin artwork artists. In the art world, people are continuously finding new platforms to display their talents. A very up and coming art style is based on using pumpkins as the material. This artwork is like sculpture, and you can get really creative with it.

An artist who really catches my attention is Ray Villafane. You can see his beautiful masterpieces here: http://​villafanestudios​.com/gallery/the-pumpkins-2. He has also applied this style to different mediums, like sand and toy designs. Take a look and see if you can use his work as motivation and inspiration to get as creative as you can with your Halloween pumpkins this year!

Creating memories from your new Halloween tradition:

The best way to hold onto the fun you experienced when making your pumpkin crafts and food is to document it. One sure fire way to capture the activities is making a photo collage. Check out our personalized photo collage options as a way to document your experience. You can take photos of you, your friends, and your family getting involved in the crafts, then chose your favorites and turn into unforgettable gifts and wall décor.

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