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Creating Custom Pet Portraits of Your Pet

How to create custom pet portraits for your pet

Many people love to hang up pictures of their kids and other family members. Well, we think it’s very important not to leave out that additional family member who’s always at your side: your pet.
We can immortalize your furry friend in different exclusive art styles. We have so many options to help you create the perfect pet portraits. I bet you are wondering what style will fit best…
Here’s a little guide to the best portrait style based on your pet and image:

This style works wonders with your pets photo. Using bright colors and the texture of your pets hair, this style creates a fun, artistic piece that can hang anywhere in your home.
If your pet has longer hair, this style will work perfectly!


If you have a head shot of your pet looking forward or holding a strong stance, then you should go with the Geometric Style.
This style is created with a medium level of detail in true to life colors, making it ideal if you are looking for a more realistic interpretation of your pet. Its dramatic shapes and abstract backgrounds fit great in a minimalist decorated home.

Looking for something more natural? Then I would go with the Classic Style.
This style works really well with short haired pets since it holds onto their hair texture while adding a whole new artistic feel to the image. You can keep it simple or get artsy by adding some really unique colors and bright highlights.
With the solid color background, your pets features will surely stand out!

We have many other styles and they all highlight your pets features to create an amazing piece of artwork. It all depends on what you are looking for and we are certain we can create it.

Once you have your vision, see it come life when you place your order with us and allow our team to create your custom pet art.

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