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Recently Engaged? Tips and ideas for your engagement photos

From the location to the outfit, to putting the photo to canvas: We’ve got some ideas and tips for you.

The other day while visiting Vizcaya, an Italian Renaissance-style villa and formal gardens built in 1916 located here in Miami, my other half and I noticed a couple taking pictures in the garden and overlooking the bay (if they are lucky enough they have a few shots with us creeping in the background ;))
As we watched this newly engaged couple, we decided to discuss where we wanted our engagement photos taken. Not that we are engaged yet, I just wanted to make sure we were on the same page when (and if) that day comes.
Here are some ideas I wanted to share:

1. Any local restoration house, like Vizcaya. There are most likely many hidden historic places all around where you live; you just need to discover them! Do a Google search on local gardens or historic houses in your area. In many cases you can just notify them in advance that you would like to bring a photographer out there and they will be prepared to help out.

2. If you are in the Carolinas or want to go, then some amazing and simple scenery can be found at the many Plantation houses. The large houses are located on vast amounts of land that have nothing but nature to show off around it. It’s a perfect place for you and your fiancé to stand out! If you head towards Charleston, SC, you will find Boone Hall Plantation (where the Notebook was filmed… yeah, the perfect place for romance!)

3. The beach! We all know people love to get their family photos taken at beaches. It’s calming, the sun is always shining, and the sand makes for a perfect complement for any outfit.

4. Dare devil pics! These are for the extreme… (not me in other words) Do something you have never done, like sky dive or bungee jump. Be sure to get the video and picture deal! Your family and friends will certainly be in for a surprise when they see these. Plus, they’ll be wondering what to expect for the actual wedding

Once you have your location, then the next step is picking out your outfits :)
A lot of couples wear white shirts and blue jeans. That’s a great way to go in order pop in the pictures and be uniform. You could also bring out a bit more of your personalities by wearing themed outfits (I’m thinking the 1920s) or something with more patterns.
Once you take the photo shoot, the next step will be showing them off. And that, my friends, is where AllPopArt can be very, very helpful by turning your photos to art.

We can put your photos to canvas; making it a great way to honor the pictures and the future you will be spending together (our portraits are also “until death do you part”). We can even create an amazing style using your image. This design can be used to create your wedding invitations, and yes we do those too :)

Photo Credits:
Boone Hall
Couple on the beach
Couple Skydiving
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