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Little Known Things About Pop Art

The widespread of pop art as we know it first began mid 1950s. It was a new form of self expressional art that took a different route than traditional art. The style began to take notice in the states in the 60s and was a major art trend. Although many people think they know the basics of pop art, there are some interesting facts about this art style to take note of.

  • Roy Lichtenstein was actually one of the first known pop artists. His comic inspired paintings sparked interest in other artists to try out a similar style. If you look close enough in his paintings you can see the small dots he painted in the background akin to a comic. He also had word bubbles for speech and used bright and vivid colors to gain interest.

  • The word “pop” in pop art pertains to popular culture. This is because the art style was based off every day people’s lives and media, instead of the traditional or fantasy route. It took its style from graphic novels, comics, and campy television shows.

  • There was a difference between British and American pop art in the 60s. English pop art had a strict theme and was subjective while the American style was symbolical and aggressive with vivid splashes of color.

  • The three main colors used in pop art are red, yellow, and blue. This is because these colors shock the eye and stand out against subtle tones. These colors are used to represent pop culture and the creativity of the artist.

  • During the Pop Art movement, many artists liked to bring out different everyday objects and overlay them with the pop art style. This can be seen with soup cans and soap boxes and was used as a form of product labeling and imaging.

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