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Decorate with Pop Art from Photos

Home decorating ideas have undergone some major changes over the last few decades. Years ago, the consensus advised decorating a home for an aloof, formal feel, but today’s homeowners want to show off their personalities, aspirations, and values. They want their homes to reflect who they are.

To begin a makeover or even to start a project from scratch, home decorating begins with three simple rules:

  • Avoid clutter
  • Keep things neutral
  • Don’t put too many personal trinkets around the house; they can look tacky.

So, how do you make your neutral, uncluttered house feel like a warm and energetic home that reflects who you are?

Add a great focal point and a few splashes of color.


Select a great picture. Make it Pop Art.

Pop Art decor

Pop Art personalized portraits blend with any décor style or wall finish.

Pop Art comes in many sizes, and it’s vibrant. It can be used to string together your color schemes and accent pieces throughout the house – like pillows, throw blankets and rugs, or even candles, bath towels, and soaps.

An even better option is getting your Pop Art made from photos because this kind of artwork has a propensity to serve a double duty. It can create the visual interest that you want in your home while it reflects who you are.

And that’s what makes it a real conversation piece. After all, it’s about what you know and care about.

Today, you can have Pop Art customized to feature whatever is nearest and dearest to your heart: your family, your pet, or even a favorite memory or possession.

On our website you can find out more about creating Pop Art from your photos.

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