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  • Propaganda Art: making a comeback (and a statement!)

    Propaganda art by nature is bold, declarative, evocative, and inspiring. Think of Uncle Sam’s finger, Rosie the Riveter’s bicep, Stephen Colbert’s middle-distance stare – art can propaga... Apr 04, 2011 - No Comments

  • Know What You’re Getting When You Shop Online

    There’s a big difference between sugar water and salt water and one of them can really piss off a hummingbird. The same holds true for online shopping. Unfortunately, what you think you’re getti... Feb 24, 2011 - No Comments

  • The Top 5 Things We Love About You

    We had the pleasure this past week of finding some very kind words about an AllPopArt original below on a lovely blog and frankly, it made us feel great. The best thing about feeling great of course... Feb 23, 2011 - No Comments

  • Vote for the Best Kids Design Blog of 2011 — The Homies

    Voting is open for the best kids decoration and design blogs of 2011. Chosen by the readers of OhDeeDoh, our favorite kids design inspirational blog, go check them out and let us know in the comment... Jan 28, 2011 - 2 Comments

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