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  • DIY Landscaping & Personalized Pop Art: coming to a TV near you

    You’ve DIY’d the heck out of every chair rail, light fixture and dust ruffle in your house and the place looks great. From the soft paint color – something with a name like “Come Heather... Jul 13, 2011 - 2 Comments

  • Everything Old is New Again: The Divine Design Inspiration of Books

    I don’t know where you are, but where we are it’s raining. A lot. “April Showers” a lot, even though we’re supposed to be well into “May Flowers” season. So, being cooped up indoors, w... Jun 11, 2011 - No Comments

  • The Lady Puts Up With A Lot: 5 Meaningful Gifts for Mother’s Day

    Well, it’s that time of year again. Time to find that perfect card or gift to say “thank you for everything, Mom,” where “everything” could mean: having an endless supply of band aids an... Apr 28, 2011 - No Comments

  • Re-Cast Your Favorite Comics with You in the Leading Role

    Obviously, you were destined for greatness. Caped, masked, crime-fighting greatness. You know this, but your body, with its stubborn refusal not to fly, lift cars, dodge bullets, or grow sledgehamme... Mar 18, 2011 - No Comments

  • Best Anniversary Gifts to Honor Your Best Decision

    Maybe it was that diet book you bought her. Or the monogrammed man-purse you got him. Either way, you’d like it if last year’s anniversary were never mentioned again. Thankfully, a custom gift f... Mar 10, 2011 - No Comments

  • Keeping the Spirit Alive After Halloween – (and Spooky Savings!)

    Another Halloween has come and gone, even if your sugar high hasn’t (nothing wrong with taking the role of “Candy Bowl Quality Control Specialist” seriously). But with all that went into maki... Nov 08, 2010 - 1 Comment

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