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  • Be someone’s Santa with art from photos


    We read recently that 46.1 percent of consumers own a smartphone (USA Today, Nov. 2012). And since most smartphones these days double as a camera, that’s millions and millions of photographers! That also means millions of opportunities to make someone smile, not only while they’re in front of the camera, but also when they see …

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  • Holiday Shopping Tips: Gifts for Parents and Grandparents


    This year, the Holiday season has hit the fast lane and the finish line is near… are you ready? Yeah, neither am I, but I do have some great suggestions to help you be prepared to give the best gifts! First suggestion: Buying Gifts for Parents and Grandparents If you are looking for a gift for a …

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  • AllPopArt’s Affiliate Program:


    Today there are many blogs and websites that promote the things we are all about: art, family, pets, kids, memories, parenting, etc. We have appreciated every AllPoPArt mention that any of you have posted. In fact, we have appreciated it so much we have created an affiliate program to help you earn money back with each …

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  • Mass Production: E-stores killed the artisan star?

    photo to canvas print

    Remember the smell of freshly picked strawberries? The warm, soft feel of a hand knitted scarf? Evolution has killed many beautiful traditions, customs, places and even animal species! … Therefore, at AllPopArt​.com we have decided to take a stand. AllPopArt​.com is on a Mission: Every single one of our photo to canvas pieces is a reflection of proficiency and …

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  • Know What You’re Getting When You Shop Online

    There’s a big difference between sugar water and salt water and one of them can really piss off a hummingbird. The same holds true for online shopping. Unfortunately, what you think you’re getting isn’t always what arrives at your front door and returning a disappointing purchase can be a hassle, a letdown, and sometimes the deciding factor …

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