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  • Be someone’s Santa with art from photos


    We read recently that 46.1 percent of consumers own a smartphone (USA Today, Nov. 2012). And since most smartphones these days double as a camera, that’s millions and millions of photographers! That also means millions of opportunities to make someone smile, not only while they’re in front of the camera, but also when they see …

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  • Roy Lichtenstein: Inspiration Behind Our Comic style Pop Art Portraits


    Our custom comic portraits can turn your photo into an illustration that you can use for your own life’s comic series ;) In our awesome archive of 1960’s Life Magazine’s, I came across an article that briefly explained Roy Lichtenstein’s process when creating his legendary pop art. The article titled “Is He the Worst Artist in the …

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  • How to Add Custom Art to Your Home


    How to add custom artwork to your home Re-decorating your home? Looking for the perfect piece to personalize your space? It really is as simple as 1, 2, 3 with AllPopArt​.com. Each of our custom portraits is a one of a kind piece :) Want to know how simple it is? Here ya go: 1. Find your image and the style you …

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  • Before & After: Lola’s Nursery


    We have a new member in the AllPopArt​.com family. We needed to create a nursery, from a guest room. Using colors that would not seem out of place once the baby grows older. We wanted to share this, since it might give you some ideas for your next room renovation! Lola’s Nursery Project The idea was: Turn a guest …

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  • 5 Free Tools to find Color Palettes for Decoration


    Here are some handy color selection online resources we use when selecting colors for our artwork: PHOTOCOPA Photocopa allows you to create color palettes based on a current photograph. You can select the photo either from a flickr link or a url link (you can not directly upload the photo from your hard drive). These are the …

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