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  • AllPopArt’s Affiliate Program:


    Today there are many blogs and websites that promote the things we are all about: art, family, pets, kids, memories, parenting, etc. We have appreciated every AllPoPArt mention that any of you have posted. In fact, we have appreciated it so much we have created an affiliate program to help you earn money back with each …

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  • 10 Cutest Dog Pet Portraits


    We know how much your dog means to you! They don’t call them “man’s best friend” for nothing. Why not show them how much you care and turn that adorable photo you have of them into pet portraits? To click through gallery, continue to select next and see the cutest dog portraits and different pet portraits! The …

    Sep 02, 2011 1 Comment">1 Comment
  • Propaganda Art: making a comeback (and a statement!)

    interviews,  Barack Obama,  Indecision,  Indecision 2008,  Shepard Fairey, hope poster

    Propaganda art by nature is bold, declarative, evocative, and inspiring. Think of Uncle Sam’s finger, Rosie the Riveter’s bicep, Stephen Colbert’s middle-distance stare – art can propagate an idea, cast an image, or stir an emotion, and when used correctly, create an icon. We were inspired by the famous “Hope” poster created by Shepard Fairey for …

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