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  • AllPopArt Custom Designs — Ciao Truck Food Truck

    Food truck frenzy! There has been a huge spike in food trucks over the past year. With the growth of this business, it has been a common occurrence to see groups of food trucks visit local areas on a regular basis. Just down the street from our office there is a food truck gathering every Monday …

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  • 5 Reasons To Put Your Photos To Canvas

    Pictures are worth a thousand words Photographs are used for many different purposes; memories being the top reason, but they are also used to represent the things you love: friends, family, scenery… These are all things you want to hold onto for a long time. Putting your photos to canvas is a newer, great way to cherish …

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  • March Giveaway 3

    Win this tin of Lebkuchen assorted treats from Leckerlee Lebkuchen Cookies From Leckerlee Value: $28.00 We have made it to the third giveaway. It was a close one though since these cookies are so good, we had a hard time saving a pack for you! These delicious German Sweets come to you from the NYC-based maker Leckerlee. The lebkuchen cookie is …

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  • Alexa Meade Turns Heads in 1700 Fashion. EG, Part 2 of a series


    From 1791 to today, the work of the talented can be seen at EG. To continue our series on the illustrations we created for the EG conference, we would like to show off this next piece. Alexa Meade is a wonderful artist known for her installations where she applies acrylic paints on people to create a 2 …

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  • March Giveaway 2

    Win this pick up bag and treat bag from OllyDog Pick Up Bag & Treat Bag OllyDog Value: $23.00 Here’s our awaited second giveaway! We love these pouches from OllyDog so much, we are giving away one pick up bag and one treat bag for one you, our lucky friends. With the Pick Up pouch, you’ll add a sense of style …

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  • The new iPad

    The new iPad Yes, Apple has made headlining news yet again with the release of their most recent iPad! This new iPad goes simply by the name “The new iPad” and can be pre-ordered today, before it goes on shelves starting March 16th. Starting at $499.00, this new tablet has the same features as before, just a …

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  • Recently Engaged? Tips and ideas for your engagement photos


    From the location to the outfit, to putting the photo to canvas: We’ve got some ideas and tips for you. The other day while visiting Vizcaya, an Italian Renaissance-style villa and formal gardens built in 1916 located here in Miami, my other half and I noticed a couple taking pictures in the garden and overlooking the …

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  • March Giveaway 1

    Kia Fragrance Candle

    Win this Nightlight Scented Candle from Kai Fragrance Nightlight Candle Kai Fragrance Value: $26.00 With a light blend of natural essences and exotic perfumes, this candle has a wonderful smell that immediately takes your mind to your dream beach resort. On top of all that, this candle is paraben-free, sulfate-free and animal cruelty-free with an 18 hour burn time To Enter the Contest: Upload an …

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  • Creating Custom Pet Portraits of Your Pet


    How to create custom pet portraits for your pet Many people love to hang up pictures of their kids and other family members. Well, we think it’s very important not to leave out that additional family member who’s always at your side: your pet. We can immortalize your furry friend in different exclusive art styles. We have …

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  • How to Add Custom Art to Your Home


    How to add custom artwork to your home Re-decorating your home? Looking for the perfect piece to personalize your space? It really is as simple as 1, 2, 3 with AllPopArt​.com. Each of our custom portraits is a one of a kind piece :) Want to know how simple it is? Here ya go: 1. Find your image and the style you …

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