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  • BET Awards Pre-Party: Featuring AllPopArt Celebrity Pop Art Portraits

    jamie foxx allpopart portrait

    AllPopArt​.com custom portraits in BET pre-party: Debra L. Lee’s VIP PRE Dinner Event; BET Awards. June 25, 2011. AllPopArt​.com is honored to have had the opportunity to work with this event and create celebrity custom portraits for the dinner. Our artists created the canvas pop art by using photos of celebrities like Debra L. Lee, Prince, Jamie Fox, …

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  • 10 Cutest Dog Pet Portraits


    We know how much your dog means to you! They don’t call them “man’s best friend” for nothing. Why not show them how much you care and turn that adorable photo you have of them into pet portraits?

    10 Cutest Dog Pet Portraits

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  • Online Photo Collage on Canvas


    Select a few of your most favorite photos and have us turn them into a memorable, one of a kind, photo collage on canvas! NOW AVAILABLE on AllPopArt, and starting at only $99 it’s the perfect gift for anyone. Take a look a the images below for some of our before and after photo collage artwork. [imagebrowser …

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  • Artnews: MalagaCrea 2011 Young contemporary art contest in Spain


    Malaga’s City Council has established a creative and young competition called “MálagaCrea 2011 ”. The scope of the event is to promote emerging artists from many disciplines (fashion, design, music, illustration, sculpture… among others) that share a passion for contemporary art. Our AllPopArt team member and senior illustrator Andreina Marquez has been awarded 3rd place in this year’s …

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  • DIY Landscaping & Personalized Pop Art: coming to a TV near you


    You’ve DIY’d the heck out of every chair rail, light fixture and dust ruffle in your house and the place looks great. From the soft paint color – something with a name like “Come Heather” or “Evening Sigh” – to the framed photos above the fireplace, everything says, “Hello! Glad to have you here!” Everything that …

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  • Everything Old is New Again: The Divine Design Inspiration of Books


    I don’t know where you are, but where we are it’s raining. A lot. “April Showers” a lot, even though we’re supposed to be well into “May Flowers” season. So, being cooped up indoors, we’ve had some time to reexamine all our stuff and you know what? We’ve missed books. You remember books – paper-bound, smell …

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  • The Lady Puts Up With A Lot: 5 Meaningful Gifts for Mother’s Day

    Well, it’s that time of year again. Time to find that perfect card or gift to say “thank you for everything, Mom,” where “everything” could mean: having an endless supply of band aids and magic scrape-healing kisses not ending my life when you found that turtle I was keeping as a pet in the bathroom driving my homework to school …

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  • Propaganda Art: making a comeback (and a statement!)

    interviews,  Barack Obama,  Indecision,  Indecision 2008,  Shepard Fairey, hope poster

    Propaganda art by nature is bold, declarative, evocative, and inspiring. Think of Uncle Sam’s finger, Rosie the Riveter’s bicep, Stephen Colbert’s middle-distance stare – art can propagate an idea, cast an image, or stir an emotion, and when used correctly, create an icon. We were inspired by the famous “Hope” poster created by Shepard Fairey for …

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  • Re-Cast Your Favorite Comics with You in the Leading Role

    Obviously, you were destined for greatness. Caped, masked, crime-fighting greatness. You know this, but your body, with its stubborn refusal not to fly, lift cars, dodge bullets, or grow sledgehammer-like fists does not. Luckily, you’ve got options: Option 1: Spend four years mastering kung fu by training with a deceptively tiny Asian man who is awesome …

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  • Best Anniversary Gifts to Honor Your Best Decision

    Couples Portraits

    Maybe it was that diet book you bought her. Or the monogrammed man-purse you got him. Either way, you’d like it if last year’s anniversary were never mentioned again. Thankfully, a custom gift from AllPopArt is the perfect way to make sure you upstage your lackluster performance this time around and properly commemorate the anniversary of …

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