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Art Commission

  • Be someone’s Santa with art from photos


    We read recently that 46.1 percent of consumers own a smartphone (USA Today, Nov. 2012). And since most smartphones these days double as a camera, that’s millions and millions of photographers! That also means millions of opportunities to make someone smile, not only while they’re in front of the camera, but also when they see …

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  • Holiday Shopping Tips: Gifts for Parents and Grandparents


    This year, the Holiday season has hit the fast lane and the finish line is near… are you ready? Yeah, neither am I, but I do have some great suggestions to help you be prepared to give the best gifts! First suggestion: Buying Gifts for Parents and Grandparents If you are looking for a gift for a …

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  • Re-Cast Your Favorite Comics with You in the Leading Role

    Obviously, you were destined for greatness. Caped, masked, crime-fighting greatness. You know this, but your body, with its stubborn refusal not to fly, lift cars, dodge bullets, or grow sledgehammer-like fists does not. Luckily, you’ve got options: Option 1: Spend four years mastering kung fu by training with a deceptively tiny Asian man who is awesome …

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  • New Year, New Nest


    If you’re anything like us, 3 weeks and a handful of hours ago you made some resolutions. Nothing crazy, mind you — it’s all about managing expectations, of course. I mean, you still needed to challenge yourself, set the bar high and whatnot, but without getting too carried away. Which is why you resolved to be …

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  • AllPopArt’s Showcase: Hattie Luchtman’s personalized gift

    Gifts for Daughters

    We have just recieved this awesome pic of one of AllPopArt’s customers. Yep, it looks awesome. She knows it, you know it. Hattie got this amazing comic illustrated portrait for Christmas! What a surprise to find under the tree, huh? Mom got it for her! Want it? Yeah. Take a look: Amazing gifts for daughters.

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  • AllPopArt ®‘s Unique Personalized Gifts: manga style CUSTOM ARTWORK process


    Amazing custom artwork and commissioned portraits from your unique source of incredible art from photos: Check out this amazing handcrafted 100% US MADE manga style canvas portrait in the beautiful asian and oriental influenced art that will impress and amaze anyone who sees it! httpv://

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  • Corporate Art: Corporate Gifts, Painting Commissioned, Logo Redesign and much more.

    A great idea for a memorable gift to your clients, existing customers, to celebrate your corporate culture is a corporate painting or portrait. It is also a great way to enhance and decorate the office building or reception area and even to revitalize your logo or add style to your company website. If you are looking …

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