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  • Decorate with Pop Art from Photos

    Pop Art decor

    Home decorating ideas have undergone some major changes over the last few decades. Years ago, the consensus advised decorating a home for an aloof, formal feel, but today’s homeowners want to show off their personalities, aspirations, and values. They want their homes to reflect who they are. To begin a makeover or even to start a …

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  • Little Known Things About Pop Art


    The widespread of pop art as we know it first began mid 1950s. It was a new form of self expressional art that took a different route than traditional art. The style began to take notice in the states in the 60s and was a major art trend. Although many people think they know the basics of …

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  • Be someone’s Santa with art from photos


    We read recently that 46.1 percent of consumers own a smartphone (USA Today, Nov. 2012). And since most smartphones these days double as a camera, that’s millions and millions of photographers! That also means millions of opportunities to make someone smile, not only while they’re in front of the camera, but also when they see …

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  • Brand New Website

    We are happy to announce out new website! If you haven’t yet, come check it out and let us know what you think :)

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  • Artnews: MalagaCrea 2011 Young contemporary art contest in Spain


    Malaga’s City Council has established a creative and young competition called “MálagaCrea 2011 ”. The scope of the event is to promote emerging artists from many disciplines (fashion, design, music, illustration, sculpture… among others) that share a passion for contemporary art. Our AllPopArt team member and senior illustrator Andreina Marquez has been awarded 3rd place in this year’s …

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  • Propaganda Art: making a comeback (and a statement!)

    interviews,  Barack Obama,  Indecision,  Indecision 2008,  Shepard Fairey, hope poster

    Propaganda art by nature is bold, declarative, evocative, and inspiring. Think of Uncle Sam’s finger, Rosie the Riveter’s bicep, Stephen Colbert’s middle-distance stare – art can propagate an idea, cast an image, or stir an emotion, and when used correctly, create an icon. We were inspired by the famous “Hope” poster created by Shepard Fairey for …

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  • Mass Production: E-stores killed the artisan star?

    photo to canvas print

    Remember the smell of freshly picked strawberries? The warm, soft feel of a hand knitted scarf? Evolution has killed many beautiful traditions, customs, places and even animal species! … Therefore, at AllPopArt​.com we have decided to take a stand. AllPopArt​.com is on a Mission: Every single one of our photo to canvas pieces is a reflection of proficiency and …

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  • Know What You’re Getting When You Shop Online

    There’s a big difference between sugar water and salt water and one of them can really piss off a hummingbird. The same holds true for online shopping. Unfortunately, what you think you’re getting isn’t always what arrives at your front door and returning a disappointing purchase can be a hassle, a letdown, and sometimes the deciding factor …

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  • Halloween Spooktacular 2010: Costume Contest

    Back by-popular-demand… RETURN OF THE AllPopArt​.com HALLOWEEN COSTUME CONTEST …now that’s scary!! Check out our previous editions… And this year…2010 Spooktacular winners are: 1# LEGO-Lital 2# The JokeR! Take a peek!!!: Fancy taking a wild spooky ride along our secret pathway to the art corridors? This way please…

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  • All Pop Art on Extreme Makeover Home Edition


    Here we GO! All Pop Art goes all the way to Suffield, CT to decorate a very special home. The new, renovated home of the Hill family! The whole town was expectant to receive the Hills Dozens of colorful portraits, in different colors and styles will be decorating their walls from now on. Aren’t …

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