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  • Unique Photo Gifts — Plan Ahead for Mother’s Day

    mothers day personalized gifts

    I saw this, Mom, and thought of you. Happy Mother’s Day!” “Oh, hey, a bag of nuts and some orange soda. How…unique.” Mother’s Day may still be a ways away, but don’t put this off until the last second. Your mom’s love may be unconditional, but her love of the gifts you pick up at the gas …

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  • Be someone’s Santa with art from photos


    We read recently that 46.1 percent of consumers own a smartphone (USA Today, Nov. 2012). And since most smartphones these days double as a camera, that’s millions and millions of photographers! That also means millions of opportunities to make someone smile, not only while they’re in front of the camera, but also when they see …

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  • Re-Cast Your Favorite Comics with You in the Leading Role

    Obviously, you were destined for greatness. Caped, masked, crime-fighting greatness. You know this, but your body, with its stubborn refusal not to fly, lift cars, dodge bullets, or grow sledgehammer-like fists does not. Luckily, you’ve got options: Option 1: Spend four years mastering kung fu by training with a deceptively tiny Asian man who is awesome …

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  • Gift Giving Game Plan, Part 2: Dads Amazing Gifts

    After years of being burned by eleventh hour brain block when holiday shopping, my sister has come up with a nearly guaranteed strategy for gift-giving: The List. I know, that doesn’t sound monumentally original in the least, but stay with me here. The List is not a mere list of gift ideas. It’s a free association …

    Dec 06, 2010 1 Comment">1 Comment
  • Gift Giving Game Plan, Part 1: Mom ♥

    Going to the mall without a game plan this holiday season is as good as inviting Santa and his elves to kick the tinsel out of you by the food court. It’s rough out there. Don’t go in unprepared. And, just because we here at AllPopArt genuinely like you and care about your well being, we’ve …

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  • Cat-rity * We love our furry prry pals!!


    Remember those lonely kitties in the street, wandering about where to take a little nap, when all pavement is wet… Nights are cold and lonely without a home to live in, for these cats. Haven’t you ever said HOW CUTE! and then wanted to take one of those little feline critters home? –We would like to …

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  • All Pop Art on Extreme Makeover Home Edition


    Here we GO! All Pop Art goes all the way to Suffield, CT to decorate a very special home. The new, renovated home of the Hill family! The whole town was expectant to receive the Hills Dozens of colorful portraits, in different colors and styles will be decorating their walls from now on. Aren’t …

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  • The New, Improved Family Portrait

    Family portraits suck. (*There’s even a book about it). Moms know this. Kids know this. Relatives who receive miniature copies to display in their homes know this. And yet, every couple of years we willingly inflict the trauma of matching denim rompers and cream-colored turtlenecks upon ourselves, all in the name of family pride. It doesn’t …

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  • AllPopArt ®‘s Unique Personalized Gifts: manga style CUSTOM ARTWORK process


    Amazing custom artwork and commissioned portraits from your unique source of incredible art from photos: Check out this amazing handcrafted 100% US MADE manga style canvas portrait in the beautiful asian and oriental influenced art that will impress and amaze anyone who sees it! httpv://

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  • New Artwork Galleries are up: Just Shipped Art from All Pop Art®

    Check out our new Artwork Gallery! Fresh out of the oven, take a closer look to the new All Pop Art amazing artwork of this past month. Need some ideas on your future personalized portrait or custom artwork? or just some Personalized Gift ideas? Try out our past Artwork Galleries! A SNEAK PEAK!: Original Photo Artwork No. 3192 (click …

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